Renaming files
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When uploading to the platform, it's important to make sure your videos follow the correct naming convention. This will enable the system to distinguish the different cameras being uploaded to the session.

If you are using the batch upload feature in the platform, you will be required to rename your shoot files into a specific format. This can be done by using the File Management System software, which will be provided to you.

You can download the tool from this link (Supported OS Windows 10 only)

Before running the application, you need to make sure that the following steps have been taken.

  1. All files have been separated into their individual named camera folders; cam01, cam02, cam03 and so on

  2. Each camera folder contains the same amount of files (so you know each file matches across the different camera folders)

  3. A .txt file has been created with the names of each scene in the same order as they appear in the camera folder. Each shot name must be followed by an _[number] depending on which take of that scene it is; for example;

    1. Calibration_01

    2. Running_01

    3. Jumping_01

    4. Jumping_02

  4. The .txt file is named and saved as take_names.txt in the same parent folder where the named camera folders are located, for example;

    1. Test_Shoot_Footage

      1. Cam01

      2. Cam02

      3. Cam03

      4. Cam04

      5. take_names.txt

Using the tool

Now that you have set up your files locally for renaming, using the File Management System software to rename the files is simple;

  1. Open the application

  2. Select the Select videos folder button

  3. Choose the parent folder containing all individual camera folders and the take_names.txt file. You will now see the original file names and what the application will rename them to.

  4. Select Rename files and this will instantly rename all of your shoot footage to your chosen take names.

  5. Close the application and check your parent folder.

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