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GoPro Setup Guide
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Before you capture a performance, it's best to set up your GoPro settings; this can be done on the GoPro’s themselves, or via one of the third party Apps linked below.

Here’s what you’ll need:



GoPro Hero 7 or newer

For issues & support with your GoPro camera, please contact your GoPro reseller. For Move AI required settings see below.

Camera mount

You can use a tripod, clamp or any other stable attachment that connects to a GoPro

Camera Tools for Hero Cameras App


This is a 3rd party app, that can control up to 10 cameras at once. Please contact the developer for support.

GoPro remote

GoPro 'The Remote' released Feb 2021 controls a maximum of 5 Hero8, 9 or 10s at once

USB-C cable

1 per camera, to connect to a portable charger, if using.

Portable battery pack for GoPro

These are useful for long duration captures.

SD cards

Make sure that they meet the specification of the capture settings (resolution & fps) you are recording at.

Objects or tape to identify the perimeter of the volume on the ground

This is helpful for the actor to understand the perimeter of the capture volume.

Please note: this is the recommended kit list for MOVE AI motion capture. MOVE AI is not liable for any faults with equipment.

GoPro Tools for Heroes App

If the Tools for Heroes app has not been set up before, you'll need to pair the cameras to the device. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Camera Tools for Heroes app from this link.

  2. Turn on the GoPro and go to Connections and then to Connect Device.

  3. Select GoPro Quick App (even though we are not using this).

  4. Open the Tools for Hereos App and select the + symbol to add a camera.

  5. The app will now pair with the camera, select Connect Camera to confirm this.

  6. Within the settings of each camera, there is an option to sync the clock to the device running the App. Note that this does not provide timecode synchronization, but this will ensure the timestamps of the videos will be aligned for ease of management.

Before proceeding, check on the GoPros that:

  • Control Mode is set to 'Pro'

  • Video Mode is set to 'Highest quality'

If you have set up the app before, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on and that you are paired to the GoPros you wish to set up.

  2. Click 'Control all cameras' and then 'Settings'

  3. Select whichever camera you'd like to use as the master and enter the following settings

Camera Settings

Except for those noted as crucial, feel free to adjust the other settings to optimize the footage based on your shoot. Unsure which settings to use, feel free to ask us!

Capture mode



HD/4K - dependent on the desired volume


50/100 or 60/120 - higher frame rate for faster movements and swap between multiples of 50/60Hz depending on the lighting refresh rate in your country


Linear - this is crucial

Hyper smooth

Off - this is crucial


No limit



Bit Rate




EV Comp






White Balance





Flat (Indoor) or Natural (Outdoor)

Raw Audio







50Hz or 60Hz - This should match the refresh rate of the lighting in your environment.

Video Compression (Hero 10 & older)

H.264 + HEVC or H265

10 Bit (Hero 11 & Newer)


Using the Tools for Heroes App as a Remote

You can control multiple GoPro's simultaneously using the app:

  1. First, hit the Control all Cameras button and hit Connect all.

  2. Then check all cameras are connected by showing as so in green.

  3. Frame up the cameras by checking the live preview by tapping on the picture frame icon.

  4. Press Control all Cameras again.

  5. Select Record all.

  6. When your action take or calibration has finished, select Stop all.

  7. You can also power all cameras off by selecting Control all Cameras followed by Power off all.

What is the minimum and maximum frame rate and resolution for your system with GoPros?

We currently support a minimum resolution/framerate of:

HD: 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps

And a maximum resolution/framerate resolution of:

4K: 3840 x 2160 @ 120 fps

How do I get files off my GoPros?

We'd recommend using the StarTech Expander hub. This means you don't have to take the SD cards out of the GoPros: LINK

Can I edit the videos to the takes I want?

You can, but make sure that audio or timecode are not stripped out during this process. You can also specify the time range in the clip you wish to process in the platform if that's easier.

What video file formats do you support?

We support:

  • AVI

  • MP4

  • MOV

What Codecs do you support?

We support:

  • H.264

  • H.265/HEVC

  • ProRes422

For efficiency of processing in the cloud, H.264 & H.265 are preferred.

How do you sync videos?

Some cameras already have sync through timecode or genlock, such as the OptiTrack Prime Colour, BlackMagic Ursa and Sony RX0II.

GoPros are asynchronous. For GoPro shoots, we recommend performing 3 claps at the start of each take with your hands or a clapperboard. We use the peak of the audio to automatically sync the clips in the cloud.

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