Exporting your data
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Once your results have been processed - you can review & download the data. Find out how below!

Check out this Move.ai Academy tutorial:

The platform delivers you a preview clip of your motion extraction results, retargeted to your rig.

Here, you can download your data in the following formats:

Retargeting elsewhere?

Download FBX Pre-Retarget: This is the FBX skeleton with the motion capture data applied to it. This is the most raw output, preserving the skeleton of the actor.

Already retargeted?

Download FBX Retargeted: This is an FBX skeleton with motion capture retargeted to the skeleton of your rig. This is ready to drop onto your character.

Want to export all rigs & assets?

Download Blender Mocap: This downloads both the pre- and the retargeted motion to your rig, inside it's mesh alongside the camera positions too. This file can be automatically opened in Blender, and contains everything you’ll need.

  • urdf_fbx = the pre-retargeted output

  • urdf_fbx_retargeted = the pre-retargeted rig, but on a skeleton scaled with respect to the rig you chose

  • Retarget_rig = the retargeted output

  • Mesh = the mesh that can be seen if you used the move_mo or move_ve rigs

Working in Maya?

Download MAYA HIK Pre-Retargeted: This downloads the Maya HIK file which can be opened directly in Maya.

If you have a take with multiple actors, you will receive combined capture files for all the actors in that take and the individual captures for each actor.

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