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Getting your data into Maya is super easy - follow the below steps.

Importing an .fbx

If using just the skeleton animation data Drag and drop the .fbx file into the empty Maya scene. Or “File” > “Import…” select your file, click “Import”

If you require the mesh data, you will need to import the static.fbx file of your selected rig, followed by the animation .fbx and then apply the animation to the static rig.

Importing Maya HIK Files

Simply double-click the .ma file on your computer, or go to “File” > Import into the opened Maya scene.

Why is the joints radius so large when I import?

That's a problem in the .fbx format but it’s pretty easy to fix. Import .fbx, then select skeleton hierarchy, next “Windows” > “General Editors” > “Attribute Spread Sheet”. Input to “Attribute Filter” field - “Radius”, go to “All” tab. Select “Radius” column, by clicking on it, input 0.05.

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