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Our current supported version is MoBu 2020. If an older or newer version is used as part of your workflow, we will need to test before confirming compatibility. Motionbuilder FAQ:

Importing an .fbx into MotionBuilder

If you are using just the skeleton data, drag and drop the .fbx file into the empty MotionBuilder scene, then “FBX Open…” > “<All takes>”. Or “File” > “Open…” select your file, click “Open”

If you require the mesh data, you will need to import the static.fbx file of your selected rig, followed by the animation .fbx and then apply the animation to the static rig.

Why is the joints radius so large when I import?

This is a scaling issue that's easily fixed: import your .fbx, then select skeleton hierarchy. Next, set the “Size” of “Skeleton Nodes” to 0.5; see below:

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