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We support animation import into Unreal Engine 4 and 5 - please see below for more details:

The section below is about importing >retargeted< rigs from Move Multi-Cam. Not the >pre-retarget< ones. Here static.fbx refers to your static rig. In the case of Mannequin, static .fbx would be the Mannequin skeletal mesh in Unreal.

For importing pre-retarget rigs, please follow the guidelines here, which apply to both Multi-Cam and Move One.

Importing .fbx files into Unreal

You will need to import the static.fbx file of your rig before then importing the animation .fbx file. The animation is then applied to the static.fbx file which includes mesh data.

Drag and drop, or select Add/Import on your Content Browser within UE and import the static.fbx file of your rig.

Within the FBX Import Options window, select “Reset to Default” and then reset the skeleton to “None” in the “Mesh” section. Click “Import”

Now the static.fbx file has been imported, you need to import your animation .fbx and link these together

As before, you'll need to drag and drop, or select Add/Import on your Content Browser within UE and import the animation .fbx file.

Within the FBX Import Options window, in the “Mesh” > “Skeleton” section, select your static.fbx file. Then click “Reset to Default” followed by “Import”. This has now linked the animation data to the mesh of your rig.


If you want to retarget to a Metahuman within UE, follow the below steps to prevent any issues of distorted proportions.

  1. Select Metahuman in the scene

  2. Go to “Details” > “Components” > “Body”

  3. Find the mesh and below the skeleton mesh, double click and a new window opens

  4. In the new window, go to “Skeleton”

  5. On the left-hand side of the panel, go to “Options” > “Show Retargeting Options”

  6. Right-click on “Root” > “Recursively Set Translation Retargeting Skeleton”. This ensures the skeleton proportions never change and will fix the proportions of your Metahuman.

  7. We also need to fix how the Metahuman translates through the scene as it will be fixed at this point.

  8. Click “Root” and change “Translation Retargeting” to receive retargeting via “Animation” and change “Pelvis” to receive retargeting via “Animation Scaled”.

  9. The metahuman now moves correctly through the scene and keeps the original proportions.

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