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Unreal Engine - Retargeting Move One to Metahuman rigs
Unreal Engine - Retargeting Move One to Metahuman rigs
Updated over a week ago

Here are the instructions to retarget your Move One animation to Metahuman


  1. In the Windows Explorer (not inside Unreal Engine) Copy `IK_MoveOne.uasset` `MoveOne_Metahuman.uasset` and `IK_Metahuman.uasset` to the created MoveOne folder of your Unreal project, inside the Content folder

  2. Import the _moveai.fbx, check Import Animations

  3. In the Unreal Engine, navigate to the folder where you placed .uasset files

  4. Right-click on the `IK_Metahuman.uasset` and open `Asset Actions` > `Bulk Edit via Property Matrix...`

  5. Now inside the `Display` tab of the opened window, reveal the PreviewMesh entry. You'll see the Preview Skeletal Mesh component there with a value that you need to change

  6. To find the correct value, go to your Metahuman's blueprint, select `Body` and check in `Details` tab its `Mesh` > `Skeletal Mesh Asset` Remember this name

  7. Go to the `Property Matrix` window you opened before (step 4) and click `Pick Asset` icon (the rightmost icon) and select the asset with the name you got from the previous step (step 6) + `_preview` suffix

  8. Save

  9. Open the `MoveOne_Metahuman.uasset`

  10. Select the `IK_Metahuman.uasset` as a target rig

  11. Set the `Source Preview Mesh` to the `_moveai`

  12. To remove bone mapping artifacts, click `Auto-Map Chains` and select `Map All (Exact)`

  13. In the `Preview Scene Settings` change the `Preview Controller` to the `Use Specific Animation` and select the MoveOne animation sequence (_moveai_Anim)

  14. In the `Asset Browser` select the animation and click `Export Selected Animations` it will bake the animation onto the Metahuman rig so you can use it directly

  15. Select the folder where to save the retargeted animation

  16. Go to your Metahuman Blueprint

  17. Change the `Animation Mode` to the `Use Animation Asset`

  18. Set `Anim to Play` to the retargeted animation (_moveai_Anim)

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