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Maya - Retargeting Move One Animations to Maya (HIK)
Maya - Retargeting Move One Animations to Maya (HIK)
Updated over a week ago

To use HIK retargeting of Move One animation data to Maya, please follow these steps:

1. Import your .fbx with the rig. Here, we use a UE4 Mannequin rig as an example

2. Create HIK Character definition (Character1) and map all bones. Make sure your rig is set to T-pose. Otherwise, it will not work correctly. See create_hik_for_your_rig.mp4

3. Import MoveOne .fbx animation to the same Maya scene (See the second video, moveone_to_your_rig_with_hik.mp4)

4. Go to -1 frame where MoveOne .fbx is set to T-pose

5. Deselect HIK Character (Set it to None)

6. Create a new Character Definition (Character2)

7. Select MoveOne's `_1:Hips` bone

8. Load Skeleton Definition (provided moveai_hik_template.xml)

9. Lock Skeleton Definition

10. Select Character1 (UE4 mannequin's character definition in this case)

11. Change Source from None to Character2 (MoveOne character definition)

12. Enjoy your retargeted animation!




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