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C4D - Retargeting Move One Animations
C4D - Retargeting Move One Animations
Updated over a week ago

To retarget your Move One animation to a rig within Cinema 4D, please follow these steps:

1. Open a C4D scene with your rig

2. Import MoveOne animation

3. Rotate it -90 degrees on R.P in Freeze Transform

4. Set the frame to -1 to set the MoveOne rig to T-pose

5. Select MoveOne's first joint in the hierarchy (Root) and add Tags > Rigging Tags > Character Definition

6. Open Manager > Extract Skeleton

7. Set Reference Pose. Make sure MoveOne's reference pose is similar to the target's rig (your rig) reference pose. See step 4

8. Repeat 5, 6, 7 for your (target) rig

9. With your rig selected click Create Solver

10. Drag and drop MoveOne's Character Definition from outliner to the Source Character

11. Play your animation

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