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Recording An Action Take
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Once you've done you calibration, you're ready to record your action takes!

To Record an Action Take:

  1. Stand in the centre of the capture area.

  2. Start recording on the cameras.

  3. Clap 3 times above your head.

  4. Hold a T-Pose for 2 seconds.

  5. Now, perform!

    1. Make sure the actor remains inside the capture volume and that the time from the T-pose to the end of your movements does not exceed 5 minutes. Also consider that file sizes should not exceed 5GB per file.

  6. When you are finished, stop your recording.

  7. We always recommend doing an extra calibration at the end of your session, just in case a camera was moved during the session.

Check Out This Example!

In this example, you would enter the following sequence times:

  • First clap start time: 00:02

  • Last clap end time: 00:04

  • T-pose sequence start time: 00:05

  • T-pose sequence end time: 00:12

Additional Note:

To capture multiple actors, make sure they stand side by side and perform a T-Pose at the same time at the start of the take, though only one person needs to clap.

The Multi-Cam system can track soccer balls. To do this, ensure it begins clearly visible on the floor, not moving and remains within the capture volume at all times. Alternative balls may be used, but they ball must be spherical, bounce like a soccer ball, be of similar size and be of good contrast to the environment.

Check out this documentation for more information on Shooting with multiple actors.

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