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Checking Your Action Takes
Updated over a week ago

It's always worth checking your action takes, especially if they haven't come out as expected.


This window allows you to check the input settings you provided for the system to process the action take.


This video contains the clip from the input videos between the first and last clap time. Use this video to visually check that the system has synchronized the footage correctly. Ignore this if timesync'd cameras were used.


If your data didn't come out as well as expected, it's worth checking a few things to see if you can improve it.

Check your input settings are correct:

  • Rig - did you select the one you want?

  • Calibration - did you select the one you want?

  • No. of actors - is this the correct quantity?

  • Prop type - did you select the one you want?

  • Clap times (not necessary if footage is sync'd) - this window should contain all three claps.

    • Example - If you enter 00:03 - 00:06, it will use the audio from the entire 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th second.

  • Action times - this window should begin when the actor(s) are stood still in the T-pose.

You should also check your videos are:

  • Named correctly & consistently

  • The same duration (at least within 2sec difference)

  • The same resolution

  • The same framerate

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