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Streaming Data From Move Live to Unreal Engine
Streaming Data From Move Live to Unreal Engine
Updated over a week ago

This project is compatible with Ubuntu 20.04, Windows 10 & Windows 11

Using The Template Project

  1. Install Visual Studio (this takes a little while and requires 25GB+ space) -

      1. .Net desktop development

      2. Universal Windows Platform development

      3. Desktop development with C++

      4. Game development with C++

    1. Locate the UE project file > Right Click > View more options > Generate Visual Studio project files. This will generate a Visual Studio Solution file (.sln).

    1. Right click on the .sln file and open with Visual Studio.

    2. In the toolbar at the top, change DubugGame to Development Editor and check the bit version of the OS is correct.

    3. Locate the game project in the taskbar on the right. Right click and select Rebuild. You will see the progress at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Once complete, check that no errors occurred and then close Visual Studio

  2. Launch the UE project file

    1. Double click the UE project file to launch it. The first time the project is launched it will compile the shaders, which can take a while.

    2. Open the Content Drawer > Maps > Main.

    3. When the level launches, it should look like this.

    4. Check the following:

      1. Correct Subject ID is selected in Blueprint.

      2. Correct Retargeting Asset is selected.

      3. You may need to cut the LiveLink links between nodes, reconnect them and recompile the animation blueprint.

      Please note that UE version 5.1 & 5.2 are experiencing some bugs that are pending resolution.

Adding the Plugin to an Existing Project

  1. git clone/git pull the repo

  2. Copy Plugins and Content directories (with all the files inside) to your project

  3. Build your project

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