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Recording An Actor Profile
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Actor profiles (Enterprise only)

This feature enables you to create a skeleton profile for each actor, so that when they are animated, the system does not need to estimate their bone lengths each time. Capturing an actor profile in ideal conditions can help to prevent inconsistencies in bone length estimations across different shoots, especially in action takes where clothing causes lots of occlusion. Actor profiles can be used when processing any shoot where the respective actor is performing, so you can record an actor profile for a desired actor before, during or after a production shoot.

Recording an actor profile

  1. Setup your cameras as usual.

  2. Record a calibration as usual.

  3. Record an actor profile video as shown below:

    1. The movement sequence is super simple, it just requires the actor to move all of the joints of their body.

  4. To process & use your actor profile, check out this doc

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