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Move One Release Notes
Move One Release Notes

Here you'll find the archive of release notes for the Move One App!

Updated over a week ago

November 7th, 2023:

60 Second Recording Times with Starter Plan Subscription

You can now record for up to 60 seconds on the Starter Plan! We’re excited for this extended recording time to give you more flexibility and creative freedom in your captures. Free Plan users will still have a 30-second recording limit.

Move Bot Animation Preview in High Resolution

Our Move Bot animation preview scene has undergone an exciting transformation. We have upgraded its resolution to 720x1280, offering you a sharper and clearer view of your motion data before you export.

Intuitive Namespace Integration for Maya/Motionbuilder

We understand the importance of seamless integration with your favorite workflow tools. To simplify this process, we have introduced namespaces in the export feature. This addition facilitates a smoother and more efficient workflow, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Move One into Maya and Motionbuilder.

Enhanced Kinematic Model for Improved Animation Quality

We have implemented a new kinematic model to improve the quality of motion data generated by Move One. We are constantly making quality improvements, and we hope this latest release will save you time as you create your 3D animations!

Optimized System Processing for Quicker Results

We have fine-tuned our system so you will get your motion data back faster than ever. We have also added messaging as a reminder to pull down on the gallery view to refresh the processing statuses of your videos!

That's a wrap for this release! We believe that these enhancements will contribute significantly to your 3D animation projects and streamline your creative process. We welcome your feedback and are committed to continuously improving Move One to meet your evolving needs.

October 12th v1.0 (472):

Shape the Future of Move One: Your Feedback Matters 🚀

We're not mind readers, but we're great listeners! Your input shapes the future of Move One. Please take a moment to fill out the survey in the email we've sent you and become a hero in our beta testing journey. Your thoughts matter, and we appreciate you helping us build something truly extraordinary!

Audio Cues: Countdown, Action, Cut 🎙️

Lights, camera, action! We've added audio cues for Countdown, Start Recording, and Stop Recording. Now, you'll hear the sweet symphony of virtual directors guiding you through your performance when using Move One. Because let's face it, your performance deserves it!

Move One x C4D: A Dynamic Duo 🕺

We've cooked up something special for our Cinema 4D enthusiasts! Check out our C4D Retargeting Tutorial in the Move One Knowledge Base. It's like the ultimate playbook for taking your Move One motion data and turning it into pure magic with your C4D characters.

Unveiling the Actual A-Pose 🎭

Remember that awkward moment when the A-Pose screen didn't quite match the pose? Yeah, we scratched our heads too. No worries, we've fixed it! The onboarding screen now flaunts a legit A-Pose.

October 3rd v1.0 (415):

Export Your Animations with the Move One Chrome Extension 🚀

Exporting your animations just got a whole lot smoother! Say hello to the "Move One Downloader" Chrome Extension. Now you can download animations directly from your Chrome browser using an 8-digit code generated right in the Move One app. Get the extension here.

Meet Move Bot: Your Animation Preview Robot 🤖

It’s our goal to help you get from motion capture to character animation as fast and easy as possible. To do that, we need to make sure you can determine the quality of your motion data before exporting your output files. Introducing Move Bot! Move Bot has given the animation preview a serious makeover. Now, it's clearer and easier than ever to see the quality of your motion data.

Improved Finger Tracking 👋

We want to make sure Move One provides you with the highest quality motion data as possible so you have less cleanup work. It’s great to see so many of you taking advantage of finger tracking during the beta, and we’ve made it even better in this release.

Onboarding Made Easy 📹

We want to make Move One as easy to use as possible, so added a link inside the Settings tab so you can quickly access the onboarding guide if you need a refresher! As always, the Move One Knowledge Base is there if you need help as well.

September 14th - v350:

Capture Longer-Than-Ever Animations ⏳

You asked, and we delivered. Move One now lets you stretch your creativity even further with expanded recording time options. Choose between 10, 20, or 30 seconds to capture your performances. We can’t wait to see what you create with the extra time!

Landscape Mode To Capture Larger Spaces 🌄

Want to capture larger spaces? We now support landscape captures on the back camera in Move One! Landscape mode provide more horizontal space so you can capture all kinds of different movements. So go ahead, stretch out those legs and take advantage of the extra space.

September 6th - v325:

Uploading Issue Fixed 🛠️

Some people were having issues uploading their videos for processing, which obviously is pretty important to use the app. We fixed that bug! You should be able to upload new videos as well as your previously recording videos that are in your gallery.

Neck Stability Improved 🦒

We want to make sure Move One provides you the highest quality motion data as possible so you have less cleanup work. To make sure your neck isn’t do any crazy movements that you’re not actually doing on camera, we've enhanced neck stability in the motion data. Your avatar’s neck will thank us later!

Export Your Recorded Videos 📹

We heard you loud and clear! Now, you can export your recorded videos with ease. Whether you want to use it as reference or share with the world, the power is in your hands. We love seeing your behind the scenes recordings on social media, so keep sharing!

Pull to Refresh on Gallery Screen 🔄

Tired of quitting the app to see how your captures are processing? Well, those days are over! Now, simply swipe down to refresh on the gallery screen, and you will see updated information on your captures.

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