Create a project and session
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Projects are a way to store and organise your motion capture content. The Projects folder is the parent, which contains Sessions, Scenes and Takes.

Follow the steps below to upload your shoot:

How to create projects and sessions for your experimental recordings:

  1. Click "Projects" found on the left-hand side of the screen.

  2. Click "+Project".

  3. Give your project a title.

  4. Click "Save Project"

After the project is created, it is time to create the session.

  1. Click on the created project.

  2. Click the "+Session"

  3. Choose your Session settings relevant to your shoot.

    1. Give the session a title

    2. Choose your camera type.

      1. Select Experimental Mode if not using support cameras.

    3. Choose the number of cameras in your setup.

    4. Select the environment (indoors or outdoors)

    5. Select the area size (small or large)

  4. Press "Save Session"

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