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Move Experimental Mode
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With Move Experimental Mode, you can record your videos using un-supported cameras and process the footage on the Web App. The footage should meet the guidelines below. The only differences are in the workflow to process the footage.

Capturing Guidelines

  • Camera Type: Any

  • Resolution Quality: HD-4K

  • FPS: 60-120fps

  • Video Format: AVI, MP4, MOV

  • Pre-synchronized or with clear audio for the system to synchronize using the claps.

Follow the usual protocol for your shoot:

Follow the protocol below to upload & process your shoot:

  1. Create a project and session - the only difference is that you should choose Experimental mode as the camera profile

  2. If the audio is not clear, the videos should be synced prior to upload as well as being identical in duration.

  3. Rename your files

  4. Upload your files

  5. Process your experimental footage

We have been amazed and inspired by a number of the discord community who have taken it upon themselves to find entirely new hardware solutions that can be used within the pipeline. At Move AI we value the initiative and the enthusiasm for finding these incredible new ways to use the technology and reduce certain challenges presented by buying cameras to get started. As a result, we launched a dedicated ‘Experimental Mode’ feature on the platform which will allow any user to shoot any type of 1080p / 60 fps footage and upload it to the platform to experiment with different types of hardware. Be that action cameras, android phones, or webcams you will be able to try and test it all and we will maintain the availability of this experimental channel for the short and mid-term.

Users of the experimental workflow need to be conscious that results may be anywhere from amazing to less than optimal results and Move AI cannot be held accountable for devices being tested or results of video uploaded. We are happy to collect feedback from the various test results and outputs that users create in order to best inform any potential future R&D pathways. Although we will not be able to provide immediate support for any issues encountered when using the experimental mode.

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