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Exporting, Uploading and Mapping (own rig)
Exporting, Uploading and Mapping (own rig)
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You can upload your own rigs into the platform, allowing you to automatically retarget your MoCap data onto your rig.

Exporting your Rig

To start we need to export our rig in order to upload it to the web app:

  • Open the rig in any 3D platform.

  • Select the skeleton and mesh.

  • Openfile and pressexport selection

  • Then select this rig when uploading to the web app.

  • If you're experiencing issues uploading your rig have a read of our common questions.

Uploading Your Rig

Uploading a rig is really straightforward:

  • Press the Rigs button in the sidebar menu

  • Press the +Rig button to add a new rig, or click on a row with an existing rig to see how other rigs are mapped. It must be .fbx format and contain 49 bones, representing the same bones shown in the video above.

    • You can now upload an optional Maya file for rig controllers alongside your rig file. You can then click on each controller crescent around bones and fingers to do the mapping. Make sure the file contains the same deform rig, plus the controller FK bones.

  • Give your rig a name - hit choose file which will navigate you to your local explorer window.

    • You have the option here to Preserve Joints Original Rotation and Remove Empty Root Object, if you wish.

    • Press Create when you have inputted your rig file.

  • In the UI, you will be presented with the bones for the rig skeleton and hands.

    • Bones are red when they are unmapped, they are green when they are mapped

  • Left-click on a bone and the list of bones will be shown to you, to map a bone simply select it from the list. We would recommend checking the rigs naming convention inside a 3D platform when you are mapping to make sure you map the correct joints.

    • You must map both body and finger bones.

  • Once you have mapped the bones, hit update - you will have to wait a little while whilst the mapping processes.

  • Once it reaches 100% you will be able to press Show which will display a preview of your rig retargeted to an animation.

Now your rig is mapped - you can add it to any take you like.

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