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Creating & Using Actor Profiles
Creating & Using Actor Profiles
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Actor profiles (Enterprise only)

This feature enables you to create a skeleton profile for each actor, so that when they are animated, the system does not need to estimate their bone lengths each time. Capturing an actor profile in ideal conditions can help to prevent inconsistencies in bone length estimations across different shoots, especially in action takes where clothing causes lots of occlusion.

Creating an actor profile

  1. Once you've recorded your videos, upload them to a session.

  2. Process the calibration as usual

  3. Process the actor profile according to the video below:

Applying an actor profile:

Now, when you process an action take in the future that contains this actor, you can apply their actor profile. Actor profiles can be used in any project/session in your account, so you can keep using the same actor profiles across multiple shoots. Follow these steps:

  1. When you reach Step 3 of creating an action take, draw a bounding box around the desired actor(s) and select the actor profile(s) you'd like to use for them, as shown in the video below:

Please note - any actor profiles created prior to 21.05.24 will no longer be compatible with the mocap engine, due to improvements we've made to our skeleton structure. Creating actor profiles doesn't consume any of your allowance, so you can reprocess as many as you'd like! Any takes processed using old actor profiles will fail, and not consume any credits. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


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