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How does pricing work for Move Multi-Cam?
How does pricing work for Move Multi-Cam?
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What is Move Multi-Cam?
Move Multi-Cam is a markerless motion capture product that allows you to use standard cameras to capture and convert 2D video into 3D human motion data. Move provides custom plans and pricing to meet the needs of each individual customer.

How does pricing work for Move Multi-Cam?
Move Multi-Cam provides custom plans for every customer, and pricing is based on a variety of factors that include:

  • Number of people being capture simultaneously

  • The size of the capture volume

  • The number of site locations

  • The number of users

  • The minutes of processing needed

Do you have indie and creator pricing available for Move Multi-Cam?

Yes, indie and creator pricing and plans are available.

What kind of cameras can I use in my plan?
You can upload videos from GoPro (7 or newer), Sony RX0 II, OptiTrack Prime Color (6.8mm and 12mm), Blackmagic Ursa (G1 and G2), Panasonic Lumix DC BGH1 12mm, iPhone (8 or newer), and iPad (2019 or newer). You can also upload from any camera using our Experimental Mode, which is included in all plans.

How many cameras can I use in Move Multi-Cam?
You can use a maximum of 12 cameras in Move Multi-Cam

What are the max resolutions and FPS I can use in my capture?
4K and 120FPS.

What is the max volume that can be captured?
20m x 20m.

Do you have an upload size limit?
Yes, please make sure you upload your takes in small batches and with a max of 5GB per upload.

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